For being so amazingly supportive & encouraging me to get my ass into gear.
And for being the most caring person I know.
Also for teaching me a bit of html so I could do this site.
And also for all your practical ideas.... Farm girls rock!

  Sal & Ant 2 really cool dudes who live in the mountains. Gave me a reason to go up there when things where slow.    
Flieshy Giving me some really cool ideas. Teaching me some dry stone wall building tips & going climbing with me.


I've only known Millsy for about 4 years, but in that short time we've had some good (& not so good) times. I have come to consider her one of my good friends.
The enthusiasm she has shown for her interests and not allowing obsticals to drain her of energy, gives me inspiration & confidence in my own projects.


For your inspiration & giving me the vision to start this project



Thanks to my flat-mates, who put up with my piles of building materials cluttering up the place!    

Jason Dash

Eco builder extraordinaire.
Thanks for all the invaluable information and insperation

Nigel Bell

Eco architect extraordinaire.
Thanks for all the advice and for running the 'Eco Homes Tour' in the Blue Mountains
This magazine is not only a great source of information & reference material, but is great for keeping that flame alive when you feel that you're lacking in a bit of confidence & the job just seems a bit too big!    
Tony Rude For surveying my Block! & climbing with me.
Trizo Helping me design my roof framing, lending me his nail gun & climbing with me.
Tonz For giving me that most excellent electric planner, lending me a chainsaw and keeping me sane at work. Oh & going climbing with me.
Vic Lending me your cool generator
.... & also going climbing with me.
Feccie Giving me just enough info to enable me to figure out html and php problems by myself (welll....almost by myself)
..... & also going climbing with me.
Rogue For lending me his wheelburrow
(still have it after 4 years... oops)
MrY For making me a charger for my Makita
Lance & Linda For being cool neighbours!
  And especially Alex, Ant, Ben, Billy, Cindi, Dave, Flieshy, James, Jen, Joe, Julz, Matt, Mabel, Mike, Sall, Seeker, Steve Petro, Trev, Wazza and Yohan for lending a hand when needed.
... and acasionaly going climbing with me....



This bit
of tin
For being a great example of recycling:
First for being a house roof somewhere, then becoming a piece of a mates shack, then being great temporary cover for my timber, then for becoming a sturdy piece of my tool shed , and then for being a great backdrop for this page.